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I “LIKE” Pepto Bismol

No one likely admits they actually do… but why then do 131,000 people Like them publically on Facebook?  I find it really fascinating why so many people proclaim their love for that pink chalky substance you have to swallow when you have an upset stomach.  It is the ultimate in brand loyalty.

Every TV or print ad you see today now includes the iconic Facebook and Twitter logos with the proverbial ‘follow us’ or ‘like us’ included in the copy.  The creative team at Pepto Bismol has been extremely effective at getting noticed and pushing the brand into mainstream social media and getting people the ‘Like’ them.

So how does this relate to tourism?

Since travel is all about memories and emotive experiences, visitors are dying to share them and social media provides the perfect vehicle.  This suddenly becomes a significant channel for tourism brands to engage and talk directly to an opted in audience just like Pepto Bismol.  Significant destinations such as Las Vegas, where ironically you are not allowed to share Vegas stories once you get home (‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas), has a massive online fan base, 317,000 to be exact.  This is a very powerful audience to communicate to and let them talk to each other.

Even the smallest destinations now have a social media presence where they are playing the “Like” game to see how many they can get.  What’s important here is to not be as concerned with the overall number, but to look at the quality with respect to your destination or attraction.  Success is determined by the amount of quality interaction and engagement from you and your “Likers”.  In a best case scenario and capturing the true essence of social media, is that your space becomes self -moderating and the fans do all the talking and sharing.  This happens with very strong brands/products/destinations and discussion occurs naturally both positive and negative.  Again from a destination perspective it is your job to provide only quality content that spurs discussion, and sharing about people’s adventures, favourite restaurants and best trails etc.  The more honest and genuine you are with them the more they will pay attention to you.

Remember, if a company that sells a product to relieve nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diarrhea can do it,  you can too!


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